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Dr Kiran Arora

Gurgaon IVF and Maternity Clinic


From the doctor's desk

Fertility is something that we take for granted, just like air, sun and water. It comes as a shock when there is failure to conceive and one can become frustrated, anxious and helpless trying to figure out what is wrong. Even though friends and family give their own input, there are specific queries which need to be addressed and handled by an expert in the field.

There have been many advances in management of infertility recently, some of them proving to be highly effective while others being just add-ons

I welcome you to Gurgaon IVF and Maternity clinic for a friendly honest chat about your problems to try and find solutions for you in a scientific manner.

Dr Kiran Arora                                                                                      MD FRCOG

About the clinic

The clinic is conveniently located in Sector- 56 in Gurgaon. This was established in 2011 after Dr Kiran Arora returned from UK. She was highly influenced by the system of healthcare delivery in the clinics in UK and wanted to replicate the system in her clinic.

Gurgaon IVF and Maternity clinic is one stop clinic where apart from consultations, pelvic ultrasound can be done and blood samples can be withdrawn for investigations. The blood tests are followed up and any results needing urgent attention are flagged up to the patient.

The clinic has seen tremendous growth in patient footfall, primarily helped by word of mouth. This has been possible because we spend enough time with our patients to exactly understand what they are going through, what they feel where the problem lies, work out methodically the cause of infertility and then discuss all the treatment options available to them. Our patients appreciate our patience and our ability to empower them with knowledge about their medical condition and to enable them with decision making about management of their problem

About Dr Kiran Arora

Dr Kiran Arora has over 20 years’ experience in managing infertile couples. She has dealt with several thousand pregnancies and her expertise lies in successfully handling complicated cases of repeated IVF failures, donor egg treatment and surrogacy.

She is a qualified professional with international exposure and vast experience.

Dr Kiran Arora spent more than 8 years in the UK, acquiring advanced skills in her specialty from some of the best infertility centres in England including Newcastle Fertility Centre, and successfully treating several infertile couples. She was awarded membership of the Royal College of Obs and Gynae (MRCOG) in 2004.

She was appointed as the Lead Infertility Consultant by Bourn Hall Clinic (UK) to head their clinic in Gurgaon. Bourn Hall Clinic (UK) is widely recognized as the Centre with the record of producing world’s first IVF baby.

Currently she is attached to Artemis Hospital as a Senior Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and IVF

Currently she is attached to Artemis Hospital as a Senior Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and IVF

Dr Kiran Arora has keen interest in research and has published work in infertility in several medical journals including ‘Fertility and Sterility’. Currently too, she is involved in research work and is a mentor (Thesis Guide) in the DNB Programme at Artemis Hospital.

Recently she was awarded FRCOG (Fellowship of the Royal College of Obs and Gynae) UK (2018) in recognition of her continuous contribution in the field of Obs and Gynae and Infertility